D'Adhesive Felt Tip Eyeliner Pen

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3.50 Ounces

Product Description

"New" D'Adhesive DUAL-ACTION Felt Tip Eyeliner Pen

This Amazing Pen will make your strip lash application a game changer!

This D'Modern liquid adhesive liner acts as a dual purpose high drama felt tip pen. It  draws a high-pigment, flawless line. Features a super-fine felt tip for precise application.           The D'Felt adhesive tip liner is great for a cat eye, or just for giving an extreme thick line for more Drama! "Line, Lash and Done!

* This eyelash glue last up to 20 hours

* Water- Proof

* Latex Free

Dermatologically approved, opthalmologically approved.

How To Use: Draw liner across upper and lower lash lines, starting from the outer corner of eye.

For high impact, apply slightly heavier at the outer corners.

Hold eyeliner horizontally for even and precise application.


All products are Paraben-free, Fragrance Free. Latex Free




Be sure to check how we show you

how to apply this amazing

Dual action D'Adhesive eyeliner

along with your lashes below in the Video.